MSK Microloans

Q: Friend gave some phone company that can issue money against payment of debt means maternity capital for the purchase of houses, and I'm scared to mess with such a company, and the money should be in the form of interest to them is not a small give away? Tell please, not risky?

Indeed, many families arrange the loan contract money to purchase different present, at the same time, for specified loan to pay just the interest grabitel′nye. Now in the legislation governing maternity capital certificate and payment of funds, changes. Applicable law * signed by President Vladimir Putin March 9, 2015 year.

Now means maternity capital cannot be directed to the repayment of principal and payment of interest on the loan for the purchase (construction) of a dwelling, if the loan contract was concluded with a microfinance organization.

In accordance with the law, the contract for the purchase or loan construction owner certificate or her husband might conclude from the credit organization credit consumer cooperative, an organization which carries out the provision of mortgage loan for the purchase or construction of housing, with the exception of MFIs.

In addition, changes in the law also establishes additional requirements for housing consumer cooperatives. Henceforth means maternity capital payment entrance or shareholding can be sent, if the cooperative carries out its activities for at least three years from the date of State registration.

In addition to this change in the legislation empower the territorial bodies of the pension fund the right to verify that the issuance of the relevant bodies of evidence produced by the claimant. Under the previous law, the territorial body of the RPF was checking the veracity of the information in the documents submitted by the applicant when issuing a State certificate to maternity capital. Between the time of receipt of the certificate on the mother's capital and it could pass for a long time.

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