My father died August 18 t. But somehow, they lost pension for this month, we are giving away. On what basis?

When considering issues relating to the payment of a pension, the remaining not received in connection with the death of a pensioner, you must abide by the provisions set forth in the Federal law of 17.12.2001, no. 173-FZ "on retirement pensions in the Russian Federation" (paragraph 3 of article 23), as well as the rules of payment of pension in accordance with the federal laws "on retirement pensions in the Russian Federation" and "on State pensions in the Russian Federation, approved by resolution of the Board of the Pension Fund of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION and the Ministry of labour and social development of the Russian Federation from 16.02.2004 No. 15 p/18 (paragraphs 9.16).

In accordance with these provisions not later than six months after the date of the pensioner's death, the accrued amount owed pensioners in the current month and the remaining is not obtained in connection with his death in the specified month, paid members of the family of a deceased pensioner, listed in paragraph 2 of article 9 of the Act of 17.12.2001, living together with him on the day of his death. That is, the right to pension, lost in connection with the death of a pensioner are living together with them: children, brothers, sisters, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, spouse.

While the fact of cohabitation of family members with the pensioner and affinity relations must be confirmed.

As documents confirming joint residence of the Member sem′m to the deceased pensioner at the date of death are accepted:

-extract from the Passport that contains information about the place of residence of the applicant for nepolučennymi amounts of labour pension;

-copy on registration on place of residence or place of stay;

-help housing authorities or local self-governance bodies, containing data on registration on place of residence or sojourn registration, together with an indication of the grounds for extradition.

The documents listed are entitlement to payment of a pension, lost in connection with the death of a pensioner, a person who applies for specified amounts of pensions.

In exceptional cases, the documents confirming the fact of cohabitation can take indirect documents indicating non-cohabitation, for example, these could include documents certifying delivery of pensions to the pensioner's place of residence on the day of his death at a member of his family. However, if the body support a pension could not unequivocally conclude cohabitation, this fact can be confirmed in a Court of law.

If all of these legal requirements are met, the complainant as the heir of his father received the amount of the pension.

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