Reminder to employers about the terms of reporting in RPF

Krasnodar, December 07, 2017. Until December 15, employers must report on their employees by submitting to the pension fund of the Russian Federation.

Monthly reporting is submitted by all insurers, who are on account in the FIU, having labour or civil-legal relations regardless of the fact of accrual of wages and other remuneration. Reporting on personalized accounting should also be submitted to those workers who are on leave without pay or maternity leave.

Information about their employees are presented in the form of Szv-m: name, insurance number of individual personal account (snils), tin. To report on working citizens will be in November, 2017.

The latest versions of the programs for preparation of reports in RPF are posted on the official website of the Pension fund of the Russian Federation in the Section employers "-" free programs, forms and protocols ".

Hurry on time! It is to be recalled that the failure of the insured to submit incomplete or inaccurate information in the prescribed period of time provides for the application of penalties in the amount of 500 rubles for each employee.

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