Do not miss the opportunity to obtain State support formation of pension savings

Manage FIU in Pavlovsk area continues to welcome applications from citizens who wish to participate in the program state co-financing of pensions. To date, 782 person participate in the program. We remind, that apply for membership in the program is possible only up to October 1, 2013, while voluntary contributions in the amount of not less than 2000 rubles. the citizen must pay not later than September 2013. In connection with the growing interest of citizens to the State pension Office's programme co-financing FIUS in Pavlovsk area provides answers to frequently asked questions.


What is the program state co-financing retirement savings?


The program state co-financing retirement savings is an opportunity for every citizen to replenish your personal account at the expense of paying additional premiums on the savings part of the labour pension from his own funds and by obtaining sums of public co-financing.

If a party Programme lists additional premiums to the savings portion of their future retirement from 2000 to 12000 rubles per year, the State will double this fee would be at his "retirement" by the same amount, i.e. the participant receives State co-financing amounting to 1000 rubles for each paid them 1000 roubles from its own funds.


What you need to do to participate in the State pensions?


For entry into the program, you must apply to the pension fund — individually or through their employer. During a personal visit, you must have a passport and a certificate of insurance compulsory pension insurance. To join the program is open to all citizens of the Russian Federation over 14 years.


Whether you want to pay each month or you can do this from time to time?


To contribute in the framework of the programme can be independently through the Bank (form the payment receipt with the details you can get in the Office or on the website FIU) either through the employer (the employee's statement on accounting will hold monthly additional contributions from salary and remit them to the Pension Fund). If self pay citizen himself defines periodicity of payment of additional contributions.


When the State will add their own money to citizens and in what amount?


Calculations are conducted for years. Following each calendar year to the media made you an individual account in the RPF, from the federal budget the same amount will be added. That is, if within a calendar year you make, say, 3000 rubles, sometime next year the same number-3000 rubles to your sum of priplûsuet State. Accordingly, the total amount of retirement savings under the program on your personal account to double by the end of the year and in our example will be 6000 rubles. However, there are nuances that need to be taken into account in determining the amount you intend to enumerate. Firstly, the co-financing of the State will be granted, if the amount of your personal contributions paid during the year amounted to not less than 2000 rubles. Suppose you have listed 1900 rubles. In this case, the State will not add anything to you. If you have 2000 or more, then the same you will add the State, but not more than 12000 USD. Secondly, the amount of additional premiums paid for each calendar year are counted separately. Therefore, you cannot rely on the fact that you "doberete" up to 2000 rubles in future, on an accrual basis. To annually receive allowance from the State have to pay not less than 2000 rubles per calendar year.


The period for which the State will add money to the personal contributions of citizen?


State support for the formation of pension savings is realized within 10 years, starting from the year following the year of payment of the additional insured insurance premiums. If a person has fulfilled the basic condition is applied for entry into the program until October 1, 2013 year and not later than September 2013 to pay the first instalment in the amount of not less than 2000 rubles, State support for the formation of pension savings will be implemented over ten years starting from the year following the year of payment means the insured person. That is, if people started paying in 2011 year and will participate in all the 10 years, the State will co-finance these payments from 2012 year (this year it will be made according to the results of year 2011 supplement) by the year 2021. Of course, provided that the payer transfers money each year and the amount of no less than 2000 rubles. If you start paying, figuratively speaking, with the year 2013, then 10 years of co-financing from the State will be counted from the year 2014, i.e. by the year 2023. If during this period of time for some years citizen paid additional premiums, respectively, during those years, the co-financing by the State will not be implemented.

If a citizen would late statement, whether he can participate in the replenishment of the accumulative part of future retirement?

Yes, it can. But only through personal funds without allowances from the State. Not having issued the statement to October 1, 2013 onwards, this person will lose the statutory right to receive public co-financing. And he will no longer be able to receive for each nested own thousand rubles an additional thousand from the State.

When and how can I get a pension, taking into account the public co-financing?

Many perceive the program of co-financing as savings deposit-not only in the Bank and the Pension Fund. However, it should be understood that "terminate" to such "contributions" and return the money from your retirement account at the request of a citizen cannot. The right to receive funds of pension accruals arises when a citizen reaches the age for receiving retirement pension for old age (55 for women and 60 years for men). If you have already granted a pension, and you previously listed co-financing programme, you can also apply to the Pension Fund paid the funds of pension accruals for you. At retirement, a citizen can get their retirement savings that were generated within the program:

  • in the form of a lump-sum payment if the accumulative part will be 5 per cent or less in relation to the size of old-age pension;
  • in the form of immediate pension payments, the duration of which a citizen identifies itself, but it may not be less than 10 years;
  • in the form of payments of accumulative part of the labour old age pension, that is, indefinitely, subject to the conditions of the appointment of the labour old age pension.

Office of RPF in Pavlovsk area as at August 1, 2013 1028 decisions taken on a lump sum funds of pension accruals for the amount of 4976.1 thou. rub., appointed 3 urgent pension totaling 1.6 thous. rub., as well as 3 payments of accumulative part of old-age pensions for the sum of 1.5 thousand. rub.

Who will receive funds of pension accruals, if a citizen has died before appointing him to the labour old age pension?

Funds accumulated within the program are inherited by successors in the event of the death of a citizen prior to his appointment he funded part of the labour pension. Heirs will be able to get those funds that have listed himself a citizen, and the money that the State, as well as the added revenue from the investment of these funds. Note that the successors must apply for payment of funds of pension accruals no later than 6 months from the date of death of the insured person. If it is more than six months, the period for treatment need to be recovered in a Court of law. For information, in the year 2013 42 successor received funds of pension accruals per amount of 534.8 thous. rub.

Citizen translated its savings part of the Pension Fund. Whether he can participate in the co-financing of pensions?

The order of participation in the program is the same for all. The only difference is that in this case and personal contributions and Government co-financing will be transferred to the Pension Fund, which manages your pension savings. It should be noted that in the event of the death of a citizen, whose retirement savings were at the time of his death in pension fund payments successors produces non-governmental pension fund.

Consultations on the programme of State co-financing of pensions can be obtained from the Cabinet Office 303 RPF Pavlovsk area or call 5-71-53

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