New pension law. Conduct proactive work

Question: a year later I Heard that the retirement pension is considered now for some points. Could you tell more about that?

Answer: January 1, 2015 year introduced a new procedure for the formation of the pension rights of citizens and for the calculation of pensions in the statutory pension insurance. Employment pension converted into insurance and savings.
For the calculation of pension insurance under the new rules, introduced a new concept of "individual pension coefficient (pension points), which evaluates each year the employment of citizens. At the time of retirement, the scores for each year are summed and multiplied by the price points, which is annually set by the State. Plus added a fixed payment is analogue fixed base size in the old pension formula. In total this is the size of future insurance pension.
To be eligible for insurance, old-age pension, you must have 30 pension points. For this requirement, a transition period: 6.6 points in 2015 to 30 points in the year 2025. Changing requirements and the minimum length of service for entitlement to a retirement pension. From the current 6 years it will grow to 15 years. Here is just a transitional period. Pension points are calculated in the same way and for the socially significant periods of human life, during which he worked: military service conscripts childcare leave, the period of taking care of a disabled child, or a citizen under the age of 80, and other periods.
For current and future retirees, started his career before the year 2015, formed by pension capital transferred to points in order to recalculate and increase pensions for new pension formula. The size of pensions already set remains unchanged.
Once again I want to take this opportunity to draw the attention of the readers that in the management of the advance work is carried out with persons leaving for retirement in the next 6 months before the right to it. This work is carried out both retirements on a general basis and applicants to a pension earlier gains overall retirement age in connection with work in special working conditions. This work takes place at-St. Pavlovskaya St., Bitter 2392-a, Office 103. For the convenience of visitors appointment system was introduced at the reception. You can also sign up and on the phone 3/16/80-16-80

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