New pension law

Pension issues an absolute majority of the citizens of our country are governed by the Federal law of 28.12.2013, 400-FZ "about insurance pensions. New pension law not only introduced a pension formula, but also contains several other important innovations.

Thus, part 3 article 21 of federal law No. 400-FL provides important novel in part order seeking pension, namely the employer granted the right to apply to the territorial body of the RPF for the establishment of insurance, payment and delivery of insurance insured persons in an employment relationship with him, with their written consent.

It should be noted that this Novella is just the same case, when all new is well forgotten old. We remind that in the not too long future pensioners to seek registration of pensions administration of the Organization at the place of the last job which, together with the local Committee of the Trade Union was obliged to prepare documents and to submit them within a certain period of time, the Social Welfare Department.

So the tradition of interaction and cooperation of employers and authorities responsible for pensions, in part registration of pensions are rich enough. Interaction is and now it also has all the necessary bases.

In this regard, the Pension Fund is managed by the RPF Control of electronic interaction with employers submitted for citizens with them in labour relations, documents and statements to establish insurance pension.

For the submission of documents for pension between the RPF and the employer is the agreement on the exchange of information (documents) socio-legal nature necessary for the realization by citizens of their pension rights. For these purposes, you can use secure communications and software tools, which are used when transferring policyholders in reporting UPFR on payment of insurance contributions and reporting individual (personalized) accounting for the working insured persons (the so-called contactless method of reporting to the FIU).

However, we believe that the Organization of electronic interaction on presentation of documents (applications) to assign insurance will have a positive impact on the image of any company, it is advantageous to pay attention to its social responsibility. Also, remember that the employer is forced to let go, often during working hours, their employees, approaching the retirement age for collecting documents and apply for the insurance, pension and therefore bears the costs.

In conclusion express the hope, particularly bearing in mind part 3 of article 21 of Act No. 400-FZ, which enshrines the right of the employer to apply for a pension to persons, consisting of labour relations with him, that is discussed in this article, the system for electronic communications will be joining more and more insurers.

Management of the Pension Fund of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION fully open to work in this direction and invites to mutually beneficial cooperation of all socially responsible and caring employers (contact KAB. 308.103 Tel. 11/3/51-11-51, 3/16/80-16-80).

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