Turn to the specialists of the Pension Fund can be in social networks

Krasnodar, October 18, 2017 onwards. It is impossible to imagine modern world without social networks. Communication via the World Wide Web is firmly in the habit of residents around the world. Office of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation for Krasnodar region tries to keep pace with modern trends and keeps up with the times. At present the Foundation daily lead groups on social networks like Facebook, vkontakte, "Google +", as well as placing materials on current issues of the pension system through blogs LiveJournal and Twitter.

The main directions of the RPF Branch Krasnodar region on the Internet have become not only the placement of information materials on issues falling under the authority of the RPF, but also advising users. As we have informed, on certain resources (Facebook, vkontakte, "Google +") have the option of calling RPF and receive clarifications online on any issues of pensions, social payments, expenditures of the parent (family) capital.

This is especially true for those people in the region who are limited in time and does not have access to the pension fund territorial personally or through a telephone call.

It is important to know!

FIU specialists in social networks can not give an answer to a question that contains personal information (incl. Name, year, month, date and place of birth, address, marital, social, property-for example, amounts paid pensions, etc.) *.

Get answers to questions such as these you can by visiting the nearest customer service of territorial administration of the FIU in the towns and districts of Krasnodar region or sending a letter to the FIU online-reception on http://www.pfrf.ru/eservices/send_appeal/ secure communication channels. Remember that for a competent answer to a similar question specialist must see your retirement business, understand what pension and what additional social welfare payments you are assigned.

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