On replacement of old passports

Q: my aunt in 1992 year moved from the Moscow region and currently resides in the apartment of the Pavlovskaya. At the beginning of next year, it must be made to retire her passport, but the old model. How can it be?

A: the first thing to do would be to replace the Passport. Otherwise, you will encounter a serious problem when applying for a pension.

In accordance with art. 18 of the law on retirement pensions in the Russian Federation, the appointment and payment of pensions according to the place of residence or place of stay by virtue of the pension cases and issued registration documents in accordance with the established procedure registration bodies.

Citizens of the Russian Federation not having confirmed the registration of place of residence and place of stay, serves a petition about pension granting to the territorial authority pension fund at their place of residence. At the same time, they are required to the documents, confirming the right to pension, provide proof of identity.

Decree of 13.03.1997, s. No. 232, the primary identity document of a citizen of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION, proclaimed a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation

According to p. 3 of this Decree, the USSR passport, identity card of the citizen of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION, is valid until its replacement in the prescribed period on the passport of the citizen of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION

By the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation from 08.07.1997 # 828 approved the regulations on the passport of the citizen of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation requested to proceed with the October 1, 1997 to passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and until July 1, 2004 year to implement a phased replacement of a passport of a citizen of the USSR on the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.

For replacement passports should contact the federal migration service.

In addition, I wish to draw the attention of citizens, in a similar situation that in any way identify individuals for their documents early work before assigning specialists Management pensions. This fact cannot but cause us concern, because experience shows that such citizens who previously lived outside the region, and at the time of registration of a pension live on the territory of the District more total experience difficulties to collect documents required for a pension, because have to solicit those or other qualifying documents previously leaked job applicants. This correspondence takes sometimes up to 2-3 months. And it affects the timing of retirement. With the aim of reducing the time a pension management and specialists conducted early work on documents of citizens, soon retiring on a pension. Currently, this work is carried out by the outgoing retire within the next 7-8 months. Generally, retirees we reveal yourself, but there are cases where citizens ' registration and residence addresses do not match, and man cannot be invited to undertake this work. So once again draw the attention of citizens — if for 6 months prior to making you an invitation to the pension Office of the pension fund you, ask for clarification of the reasons for the Pension Fund. Proactive work is carried out in 103 Cabinet Office, where in addition to assistance in obtaining necessary documents, you will provide advice and with regard to the definition of periods of work in difficult conditions, eligibility for appointment of anticipatory pension.

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