On the outcome of insurance contributions for 2011 year payers, insurance premiums are often smuggled into, based on the cost of the insurance year

In the management of the RPF in Pavlovsk area in 2011 year registered was not payers 3486 paying hired workers and pay premiums based on the value of the insurance year. In terms established by the legislation till 31.12.2011 paid insurance premiums or payer 2454 70.3%. The amount of income premiums for compulsory pension insurance amounted to 27.2 million. rubles. For sraneniâ for 2010 year of 3536 payers that pay premiums based on the value of the insurance year, paid insurance contributions for compulsory pension insurance in full 1233, t. (e). in the year 2011 payment discipline improved 1221 payer. This means that pension rights will not be violated and PLN premiums will be promptly posted on their individual accounts in a timely manner will be načislenna pension, and also made perasčet. In 1292 address arrears of premiums in the year 2012 has already sent claims to recover arrears and penalties for the year 2011 in the amount of 9.7 million. rubles. If the debt is not paid on demand, Manage FIU will start the procedure for bespornomu collection at the expense of and at the expense of property of taxpayers, as well as recovery through the courts. So over the year 2010 in the address was sent to payers 2718 requirements on the amount of 12.9 million rubles. 156 orders for collection sent to the amount of 0.5 million. rubles, bailiff service directed on recovery Orders 1809 premiums, penalties and fines due to property taxpayers, payers 57 sent petitions to the Court, 29 of which satisfied the Court and 28 were pending in court. The payer must know that bailiffs and Court Service additional debt shall be collected and stamp duty.

The management treats reminders of the need to be guided by federal law from 24.07.2009, no. 212-FZ. In accordance with article 57 of the specified federal law, the rate of the insurance premium to the FIU in 2012 is set at 26%, the Federal compulsory medical insurance fund-5.1%. To calculate the income premiums in the RPF 2012 year cost insurance years shall be taken in the amount of 14386 rubles 32 kopeks, FFOMS-2821 ruble 93 penny. For persons born in 1967 and younger, 11066 rubles 40 kopecks premiums to the FIU in the amount determined by the value of the insurance year shall be devoted to funding the insurance part of the labour pension and 3319 rubles 92 penny — on financing funded part of the labour pension. For persons born in 1966 or over the financing of the insurance part of the labour pension shall be sent to the full amount of the premiums to the FIU, namely 14386 rubles 32 kopeks. The law allows you to pay insurance premiums from the cost of the insurance year, monthly, quarterly, by semester, and once a year, provided that the final calculation for the year will be made no later than 31 December of the current year.

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