On the possibility of offsetting the grace period of experience, teachers and teacher-organizer of the SECOND travel

The right to early retirement in connection with pedagogical activity is defined in the ACC. with pp. 19 p. 1 art. 27 FZ of 17.12.2001 g. No. 173 "on retirement pensions in the Russian Federation, as well as others. normative acts of the Government of the Russian Federation.

RF Government Decree of 29.10.2002 g. No. 781 approved the rules governing the calculation of seniority at their respective jobs. In accordance with paragraph 4 of the regulation, periods of work, performed in the positions and agencies provided for in the list are counted in with experience, 01.09.2000. subject to the rules of working hours (teaching and learning), established for the wage rate.

According to the order of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation No. 2075 of 24.12.2012 g. "The duration of working time (normal hours of work for pedagogical bet ZAR cards) teachers" for teachers-LESSON PLANNING working time established for bet, is 36 hours per week.

In accordance with art. the labour code of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION 166.167 service trip is a trip of an employee at the behest of the employer for a certain period of time to perform the service orders outside the permanent job with persistence of average earnings.

In view of the foregoing, while teachers and teacher-organizer of the SECOND on a business trip can be counted in a grace period where they performed by practicing the necessary norm rab. time (pedagogical and teaching load) or the amount of teaching experience in others. period of time, and they are paid in full wage rate (salary).

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