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  1. Question: can I apply for a certificate to maternity (family) capital in a place of temporary registration, and in which case certification may be denied?


For a State certificate to maternity (family) capital can refer to the territorial body of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, which is confirmed by the passport or a certificate of registration by place of residence on the territory of the Russian Federation. At their place of residence, not a confirmed registration or a passport, obtain a certificate in the parent (family) capital impossible.

For refusal to issue the certificate should be valid reasons provided by law. It's the lack of citizenship of the Russian Federation, the mother or the child, which gave the right to maternity capital, deprivation of parental rights in relation to children, the birth or adoption of which the right to receive a certificate, a statement of the fact that the provision of inaccurate information.

I take this opportunity to appeal to the citizens who are entitled to a certificate, but not yet submitted documents to obtain it. September 2014 onwards with a view to reducing the time required to process documents, accepting applications for maternity certificate (family) capital with all the documents is carried out by experts of the multifunctional Center located at Church. Pavlovskaya str. Gladkova, 11. Admission is carried out in the mode "one window", i.e. all services on registration, certification, and further ordered by means of the parent capital may get into the Centre.

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