on the right to a pension for SPK for husband

  1. Q: can I receive a pension for her husband if his pension is significantly higher than the amount received by my pension?

Questions relating to the right to work for a survivor's pension. According to art. 9 of the law "on labour pensions in the Russian Federation", the survivor's pension is a type of labor pensions.

Survivor's pension is granted incapacitated family members of the deceased who were dependent on him. Parents and spouses who have reached 55 years (women) and 60 years (men) are eligible regardless of whether or not they were dependent on the deceased.

The appointment of labour pension a survivor does not mean that the size of the assigned you a pension will be equal to the size of the pension received by the deceased husband.

The calculation of the survivor's pension, as well as other types of employment pension is described in law formulas, with fixed base this pension is two times less than the fixed size base part of the labour old age pension.

Monthly payments to the pension of the deceased breadwinner, including as labour veteran, for orders, payment, monthly cash payment, in the calculation of the survivor's pension shall not be taken into account. Therefore, if you have adequate insurance and the availability of wage labour old age pension is higher than the amount of a survivor's pension.

The law (art. 17) allows the transition from one type of pension to another upon application of the pensioner. However, before you can apply to switch from labour to labour's old-age pension survivor's pension, you should consult on a case-by-case basis with experts of the Pension Fund and to clarify what kind of pension will be most advantageous for you

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