Reporting to the FIU on the head of the organization.

The FIU in Pavlovsk district in connection with the explanations of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation on the issue of presenting the information on the insured persons on the forms of Szv-M and szv-seniority in relation to the head of the organization, which is the only The participant (founder), the member of the organization, the owner of its property, reports the following information.

Article 16 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation stipulates that employment relations, which arise as a result of election and appointment to a post, are characterized as labour relations on the basis of an employment contract. Thus, the employer registered in the bodies of RPF as an insurant on compulsory pension insurance, is obliged to provide reporting on forms of Szv-M and szv-length of service in respect of insured persons, consisting with this organization in Employment relations, including the head.

Please note that reporting on the form of SZV for the specified category of persons should be submitted for the reporting periods, starting from March 2018 in the statutory deadlines. In the reporting on the form of Szv-record for 2018 will also be necessary to indicate the period of work from March 2018.

On questions of reporting on forms Szv-M and szv-seniority it is possible to address in Cabinet 303 of control of RPF in Pavlovsk district or by phone 5-71-53.

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