Pensions of the majority of rural pensioners increased in view of the increase in the fixed payment

Krasnodar January 28, 2019. Department of Pension Fund of the Russian Federation for Krasnodar Krai has completed the recalculation Pensions of most rural pensioners Taking into account the changes that have entered into force From the new year. As a result of the Work, increased payments to almost 40 thousand Non-working pensioners living in the Rural area of Krasnodar Edge.

Recalculation Pensions passed without any Documents that are in the paid-up Affairs of Pensioners. Medium Increments as a result of recalculation Amounted to 1333 rubles per month.

Work On re-calculation of pensions of rural pensioners Continues. The Pensioner can apply In the FIU and submit the documents Confirming the right to a heightened Fixed payment. When Contacting Until the end of the 2019 year the recalculation will be made From 1 January of this year. In Case of more Late filing of the application the pension will Increased from the month following Treatment.

Recall Since the 2019 of the year, amendments have entered into force Providing additional Pension support for residents of the village. It is increased by 25 Percent of the fixed payout that is set to the insurance pension on Age or disability. The Right to The allowance is provided subject to the Three conditions. First, the pensioner Or someone who's only drawn for Pension must be at least 30 years old Experience in agriculture. Secondly, Pensioner must reside in the village. And Finally, it should not be working, That is, not to be expelled for him Contributions for compulsory pension Insurance.

Lists of works, productions, professions, Positions, specialties, According to which the Increase in the size of fixed payments To the insurance pension, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation (Government Decision of the Russian Federation of November 29, 2018 № 1440).

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