Pension Fund to pay part of the pension accumulation. To whom and how much it is?

Valid from 1st year federal law came into force on 30 November of the year # 360-FZ «on order of financing of payments at the expense of pension assets, regulating relations associated with the methodology for the funding of payments at the expense of pension savings.

Let me remind you that the funds of pension Accruals are generated:

working citizens, born in 1967 and younger due to payment by the employers to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation of insurance contributions to the funded part of the labour pension;

the participants of the program state co-financing of pensions at the expense of its own voluntary contributions, the co-financing of the State and employer contributions if they are third-party programs and also pay additional premiums;

those who sent the funds parent (family) capital formation funded part of the labour pension.

In 2002-2004 Gg. pension funds also formed men 1953-1966 the year of birth and women 1957-1966 the year of birth. With the year 2005 transfer of premiums to the savings portion of their retirement pension was terminated due to changes in legislation. But the accumulated funds are recorded on HUD these citizens and paid them or their pravopriemnikam, as well as by persons engaged in entrepreneurial activity and uplačivavših insurance premiums including the accumulative part with the 2002 year on April 11 years regardless of age.

The law defines the following types of payments from the funds of pension accruals:

Lump sum funds of pension accruals;

Urgent pension payment;

Accumulative part of labour pension;

Lump-sum payment is made to the citizens, whose cumulative size part of the labour old age pension in the event of her appointment could be 5 percent or less in relation to the size of the labor retirement pension, including insurance and a savings part.

Urgent pension payment is made when an right to the labor retirement pension, including early. The duration of such pension payments defines himself a citizen, but it cannot be less than 10 years. The recipients of the payment can only be the participants of the program state co-financing of pensions, which pay more contributions to cumulative pension or maternity certificate owners capital, sending his means for formation of the funded part of their future retirement.

The payment of funded part of the labour old age pension shall be appointed under the conditions of the appointment of the labour pension for old age, including early. The size is calculated based on the expected period of payment of retirement pension. In the year 2013 the duration of this period is fixed by the legislation months 228. To calculate the monthly cumulative size part of the pension must total amount of retirement savings reported in the special part of individual personal account of the insured as of the day on which the payment is assigned, divided into months 228.

Payments at the expense of the funds of pension Accruals are made according to the personal request of the citizen and only to old-age pensions, including assigned previously set age, i.e. If you are the recipient of a retirement pension and retirement savings have accounted for in the special part of individual personal account, you may apply to the management of the FIU in the place of residence for their payment. Such statements by the Office are accepted from July 1, 2012 year. If a citizen applies for the first time, the appointment of labor retirement pension, he simultaneously appointed the insurance part of the pension, as well as defined and calculated view disbursement of pension savings. Applications will be different, but they will be invited to the citizen to lodge in one day, at the same time as the "core". Based on the results of consideration is made a positive decision on the appointment of or denial of justification or reason. Lump sum funds of pension Accruals are made in a period not exceeding two months from the date of adoption of the decision, which shall be made within one month from the date of filing of the corresponding application. And an urgent payment and payment funded — in the manner prescribed for the payment of pensions.

Note I say that on citizens ' applications Running in 2012 year assigned 437 lump-sum payments from the funds of pension accruals totaling more than 1.5 million rubles, appointed 1 urgent payment and 2 parts of the pension savings.

Note that the insured persons transferred the management of retirement savings in private pension funds, the appointment of these payments must be treated in the relevant non-governmental pension funds, I therefore recommend that more carefully read the "letters of happiness". It contains information on the amounts of retirement savings and where they are.

More detailed advice on interesting questions you can get in the management of the Pension Fund at the address of the Church. Pavlovskaya str. Bitter 292a, KAB. 101, 103, either by phone 3/16/80-16-80; 5/14/43-14-43.

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