Pension system: what awaits Russians in 2013?

In the pension system of Russia in 2013 year happens a number of events and changes that affect the future and current pensioners, as well as employers.

Occupational pensions in the year 2013 will be raised two times. The first indexing went from 1 February-occupational pensions increased the rate of inflation in the Russian Federation-6.6 percent, the second increase planned from 1 April by more than 3% (according to the level of growth of incomes of the RPF in 2012 year per pensioner). In August the traditional pensions recalculation occurs working pensioners.

Pensions for public welfare, including social pensions, with April 1 is supposed to increase by 5.1%. At the same time, April 1, at 5.5 percent of the index size MONTHLY ALLOWANCES (monthly payments, which together with a pension receive federal benefit recipients).

The size of the parent capital January 1 indexed on 5.5% and now stands at 408 ths. 960 rubles. For the payment of its funds in budget year 2013 RPF pledged 200 billion. rubles. Expansion of the use of maternity capital funds is not planned.

With regard to the interaction with employers, pension fund base rate of the insurance premium for compulsory pension insurance in 2013 year remains at 22%, compulsory health insurance is 5.1%. Annual earnings limit, from which insurance contributions were paid into the system of compulsory pension insurance is 568 k. rubles plus 10% above this amount.

The amount of obligatory payments (the price of the insurance year) the system of compulsory pension insurance for self-employed persons in 2013 year is calculated on the basis of not one but two minimum salaries. From January 1, 2013 year SMIC is 5205 rubles. Thus, the tariff for compulsory pension insurance for self-employed persons is now: 5205 BR * 2 * 26% * 12 = 32 479.2 rubles per year, or 2706.6 rubles per month. Tariff for compulsory health insurance for self-employed persons is calculated from one SMIC and today is 3185.5 rubles a year (5205 BR * 5.1% * 12). The total cost of the insurance year for compulsory pension and health insurance for the self-employed is 664.7 35 rubles.

In order to provide an additional source of funding for early retirement benefits, with the 2013 year introduces an additional rate for employers with jobs in hazardous and dangerous occupations. On list no. 1 (blacksmiths smithery; doctors-radiologists; radiographers; working full-time on underground work, etc.) it is 4%, list no. 2 (gas welders; èlektrogazosvarŝiki, employed in cutting and manual welding; obžigal′ŝiki lime; Machinists refrigeration servicing ammonium cooling systems, etc.) and "small" lists — 2%. I wish to draw attention to the fact that the length of entitlement to preferential pension provision, after 2013, will take into account only those periods during which the employer will pay an additional fare.

Highlight citizens younger than born in 1966, forming the pension savings. In the year 2013 they will be given the opportunity to alter the rate of the insurance premium on the part of pension savings: either leave 6% today, or reduce it to 2%, thereby increasing the insurance premium in joint part with 16 to 20%. That is, every citizen of the younger born in 1966 can make selecting a percentage deductions from your wages on the formation of retirement savings — 2 or 6%.

If a citizen for 2013 onwards his choice not to do it, from 2014 onwards by default, the following rules will apply. "Molčunov", that is, those citizens who have never picked up a management company or pension fund for formation of retirement savings, with 2014 year cumulative portion of pensions will be formed based on the 2% transfer of premiums in the progressive part of the pension. If "molčuny" want to keep cumulative tariff of 6% for 2013 onwards they need to write an application to the RPF to reallocate or to transfer funds of pension accruals in NPF or management company.

On the savings part of the citizens who had previously transferred their pension savings management companies, private pension funds, or changed the investment portfolio of Vnesheconombank, January 1, 2014 year by default will continue to be credited 6% of annual earnings. If these people want to translate 4% joint pension, for 2013 onwards should write the appropriate application to transfer 2% cumulative part and 4% in the insurance part. Applications must be submitted to the FIU. Their form and application procedure are currently being developed.

It is also worth noting that the year 2012 was the last, when pension fund responsible citizens "letters of happiness"-notification about the status of their individual facial (retirement) accounts in the system of compulsory pension insurance in the previous year.

From 2013 onwards, as over the past few years, citizens can find out about the status of their retirement accounts through a single portal of State and municipal services Full statement from an individual personal account you can always get the Pension Fund of the place of residence.

At the same time, if a citizen wants to still receive "chain letter", he or she must write an application to the Pension Fund. The FIU will prepare a statement of individual personal account and send it by post to the address of the citizen.

In the year 2013, the Pension Fund also will continue to pay pension savings funds. If a citizen is already a pensioner or has the right to appoint labour pension and has pension savings funds, then it should apply to the RPF for the corresponding payment. If the citizen generates their pensions through pension fund, a statement should contact the appropriate NPF.

It is also important to note that before the end of the entry into the program state co-financing of pensions remains less than a year. To rely on co-financing on the part of the State, you must join the program and make the first payment until October 1, 2013 year.

To join the program state co-financing of pensions can every Russian party system of compulsory pension insurance (and virtually every working citizen is a member of the system). Contributions within the framework of the programme can be monthly or one-time payment, both through the accounting of your company, and through any bank. Third party co-financing may act by the employer. Public co-financing allocated within 10 years from the moment a citizen first payment ranging from 2000 to 12000 rubles a year.

Note I will say that this program was enacted more than 750 residents. As mentioned above in the year 2013, the Pension Fund will continue to payment of pension savings funds, including accrued as a result of public co-financing. So for 2012-2013 g.g. the payment of funds of pension accruals in the Office requested the order of 800 citizens who are recipients of old-age pensions. As a result of those funds paid for more than 3 million. rubles. Assigned to 3 immediate pension payments, which allowed an average increase of pensions of those citizens more than 500 rubles, as well as two citizens installed, part of the pensions, which increased the average total pension of nearly 500 rubles.

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