Pension savings and the program of State co-financing of pensions.

The FIU in Pavlovsk district of Krasnodar Krai informs that for the period from 2014 to 2019 inclusively the state has imposed a "moratorium" on the transfer of mandatory contributions to the cumulative pension by employers. This means that all citizens in the system of compulsory pension insurance are formed pension rights only for the insurance pension on the basis of the whole amount of assessed insurance contributions. The accumulations formed earlier continue to be also invested by the chosen insurer and to bring the income, but to increase at the expense of receipt of obligatory contributions cannot.

Starting from 2014, insurance and cumulative pensions are two separate types of pension, each of which is regulated by a separate federal law. The insurance pension is formed and increased at the expense of the insurance contributions transferred by employers in the system of compulsory pension insurance. The cumulative pension in the present conditions grows only at the expense of investment income from management of the previously formed pension savings. The citizen can increase the accumulative pension by self-transfer of additional contributions. This can be done within the framework of the State co-financing program.

Participants of the program, paid or planning to pay contributions in 2017, recall that to obtain the right to state co-financing of pension savings in 2018, it is necessary to make payments from 2 000 to 12 000 rubles to 31.12. 2017.

Important! Citizens who have applied for voluntary entry into legal relations within the framework of the State co-financing program of pension savings have the right to receive state support for formation of pension savings in the period from 01 October 2008 to December 31, 2014 and made their first instalment until January 31, 2015. Those who have decided to join the program now or are its participant, but have never listed the contributions under this program, to count on co-financing from the state cannot. Such citizens can replenish their pension savings only by self-transferring additional contributions to their individual personal account.

Federal law of 30.04.2008, № 56-FZ "on additional insurance contributions to the cumulative pension and state support of formation of pension savings" allows the participant of the program, reserving at least one voluntary contribution, how to suspend payment of contributions, and Resume it.

Citizens can make a payment to the program's account both through the credit institutions (banks) and through their employer. To transfer the contributions by yourself through the bank, you need to get a payment slip form with details in the management of RPF in the Pavlovsk District (Cabinet 306) or download on the website of the Russian pension fund In order to pay the program through the employer it is necessary to apply to the accounting department of the organization and specify the amount of the monthly payment. Only citizens who have applied for joining the pension co-financing program can pay additional insurance premiums.

Pay attention, additional contributions together with co-financing belong to the cumulative pension, therefore for them the same principles of management of pension savings apply. That is, if a citizen has transferred his savings to any non-state pension fund, then the contributions paid within the framework of the co-financing program will also be transferred to this NPF. If a citizen does not know who manages his savings, he can, having registered on the portal Rajapipala, to request an extract from his personal account, which will be specified by the insurer, managing the funds of his Pension savings at the time of receipt of the statement.

A citizen may obtain his pension savings upon reaching the age of the old, applying to the insurer (RPF or NPF), which manages his pension savings at the time of achievement Retirement age. Pension accumulations formed within the framework of the program of co-financing of pensions can be paid at the choice of the citizen in the form of accumulative pension or urgent pension payment. If at retirement the amount of pension savings of a citizen in the total amount of his pension is five or less percent, pension savings are paid in the form of lump sum payment. Such payment shall be made no more than once every five years.

In the event of the death of a citizen prior to the payment of pension savings, the means of pension savings may be paid to his/her successors. First of all-parents, spouse, children. If there are no successors of the first stage, then-brothers, sisters, grandfathers, grandmothers and grandchildren. Payment of pension savings to successors is carried out by RPF or NPF-depending on where the pension accumulation of the deceased citizen was formed on the date of his death. Legal successors may apply for the payment of pension savings until the expiry of 6 months from the date of death of the citizen. The successor, missed the specified period, should reinstate it in the court.

Detailed information about the program of State co-financing of pension savings is available on the website In addition, a consultation on issues related to the state co-financing program can be obtained from the FIU office in Pavlovsk District in Cabinet 306, phone 5-56-88

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