In accordance with the Decree of the Government Pension Fund of the Russian Federation has made yet another indexing of pensions and certain social welfare payments.

From 1 April of the current year occupational pensions increased by 3.41 percent. Let me remind you that in the year 2012 this is the second of this kind of indexing pensions. The first was held from February 1 this year at 7 percent.

From 1 April, all social pensions are indexed to 14.1 per cent. For information, to inform you that, in accordance with federal law No. 166-FZ «on State pensions in the Russian Federation "to recipients of social pensions include:

1.2 and 3 disabled groups, including disabled persons from childhood, not entitled to an employment pension;

children with disabilities;

-children under the age of 18 years, and in the case of attendance at educational institutions until the age of 23 years who have lost one or both parents and children of a deceased single mother, are not entitled to a survivor's pension provided for in the Federal law "on labour pensions in the Russian Federation";

citizens who have reached the age of 65 and 60 years respectively to men and women who are not entitled to an employment pension and some other categories.

The Government also adopted a decision on Monthly payments for indexing 6 percent.

This type of social assistance recipients are:

with disabilities and participants of the great patriotic war;

persons awarded a resident of blocking Leningrad»;

members of the families of the victims (dead and disabled participants and Veterans of hostilities);

with disabilities;

-disabled children and certain other categories of citizens.

It will be recalled that, since 1 January this year, indexed by parent capital and its amount is 387,640 rubles 30 kopecks.

Thus the State has complied with all its obligations on 2012 year.

From 1 August to be an adjustment of pensions to working pensioners given employers paid insurance premiums not covered previously in appointing or recalculating a pension.

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