Preparing for the purpose of pensions in advance

Currently, the Office of the Pension Fund is working to provide all citizens with the right of acquiring the labor retirement pension soon, assistance in preparation of documents, including choosing a profitable option, average monthly earnings for pension.

The maximum size of pension capital, which would be necessary to assign the labour old age pension, you can have only if the insured's average monthly earnings ratio for 2000-2001 years or for any 60 consecutive months prior to 2002 g. the average monthly wage in the Russian Federation will be below 1.2.

In this regard, the citizens, priobretaŝim the right to retire in the next 5 years, it is necessary to clarify wage for 2000-2001 years available on your individual account.

If the ratio of earnings is below 1.2 ratio can be represented in a certificate management on wages for any 5 consecutive years of employment prior to 1st, 2011. (where the ratio is higher than for the 2000-2001 biennium). to enter it into the database and future use upon the occurrence of a right to a pension.

On this issue, you can contact UPFR at Pavlovsk area: art. Pavlovskaya str. Bitter, 292a, KAB. 308, Tel. 11/3/51-11-51.

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