Program co-financing pension contributions doubled the State Kuban participants for the year 2014

Last year the State program participants of co-financing pension on Kuban made contributions to their accounts for the amount of 157.6 million. rubles. In May the State doubled contributions kubanskih participants for the year 2014.
The total amount of co-financing is always less than the total amount of contributions, because frequent payments below two thousand rubles, or more than 12 thousand. rubles, while contributions are co-financed by the range from two to 12 thousand. rubles per year.
Voluntary contributions of employers who engage a third-party program in 2014 was 0.9 million. rubles. Employer contributions are not subject to state co-financing.
All of these funds have been attributed to the personal accounts of citizens and, like all other retirement savings, will be honored at the exit of a citizen (or paid to successors in the event of the death of the citizen).
During the period of validity of the programme of State co-financing of pensions in Pavlovsk district participation took 912 people.

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