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Newspapers publish figures for the year of payment of the sums insured pensioners men born in 1953 and younger and women born in 1957 and younger. But as things are with us? How much is paid and whether to continue paying this year?

Let me remind you, the insurance funds of pension Accruals are generated:

working citizens, born in 1967 and younger due to payment by the employers to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation of insurance contributions to the funded part of the labour pension;

the participants of the program state co-financing of pensions at the expense of its own voluntary contributions, the co-financing of the State and employer contributions if they are third-party programs and also pay additional premiums;

those who sent the funds parent (family) capital formation funded part of the labour pension.

In 2002-2004 Gg. pension funds also formed men 1953-1966 the year of birth and women 1957-1966 the year of birth. With the year 2005 transfer of premiums to the savings portion of their retirement pension was terminated due to changes in legislation. But the accumulated funds committed to the individual accounts of those citizens and paid them or their pravopriemnikam, as well as by persons engaged in entrepreneurial activity and uplačivavših insurance premiums including the accumulative part with the 2002 year on April 11 years regardless of age.

Payments at the expense of pension assets of the nationals, in accordance with the pension legislation, began to be produced since July last year. They are made on the personal request of the citizen and only if the citizen is a recipient of a retirement pension. After July 1, 2012 year when applying for the first time in the appointment of labor retirement pension concurrently appointed the insurance part of the pension, as well as on the application of the citizen is defined and calculated view disbursement of pension savings. The above persons, the old-age pension assigned previously and they have on their personal account in the special part has not disbursed retirement savings, also continued payment of these funds. Payments are made only on citizens ' applications, application deadline is not limited by law.

From the funds of pension accruals in our area assigned and paid in lump sum 1028 total more than 4.9 million. rubles. The average size of a lump-sum payment amounted to 4840.56 rubles. Assigned to 3 urgent payments, the average size of which amounted to 533.29 rub. Consequently, citizens who are assigned an urgent payment, monthly will receive this supplement to pensions within 10 years. Also appointed three citizens part of the pension savings, the average size of the accumulative part amounted to 511,47rub. These citizens to pensions set monthly for the duration of their receipt of pensions. Appointment and payment of funds of pension accruals on citizens ' applications were pending.

Note that the insured persons transferred the management of retirement savings in private pension funds, the appointment of these payments must be treated in the relevant non-State pension funds.

More detailed advice on interesting questions you can get in the management of the Pension Fund at the address of the Church. Pavlovskaya str. Bitter 292a, KAB. 101, 103, either by phone 3/16/80-16-80; 5/14/43-14-43.

Can I receive a pension not in postman and via bank card? What it should be? You can use the yet I recently received salary?

The applicant decides how to receive a pension. On his application, the pension can be delivered by the postman on the House, or optionally payable in post office cashier on the date of payment, as well as the transfer to the account of the pensioner or bank card opened with any credit institution located at the place of destination. At any time, you can change your mind about the delivery, for which you want to apply to the management of the Pension Fund. The pension is paid once a month and the way it changes the delivery with the month following the month of submission of an application to change the delivery method.

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