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Question-we are refugees. So the situation is that in my life work book has an entry on the work only for 8 years. After a year I retire and I am very worried about whether she had me appointed and if still I will appoint retired, how much I'll be getting.

The answer is Yes, the pension will be appointed, in accordance with art. 7 of the law "on labour pensions in the Russian Federation", the right to work, women have retirement on reaching the age of 55 years old, with at least 5 years of insurance.

Non-working pensioners, whose total amount of material supply less than the pensioner's subsistence level established in the constituent entities of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION are entitled to federal social supplement.

In accordance with art. 12.1 law No. 178-FZ "on State social assistance, social supplement to pensions is set by the Pension Fund on the statement of a pensioner.

Note I want to say that this kind of surcharge was fixed non-working pensioners with January 1, 2010 year. The size of social supplements each pensioner is purely individual.

I wish to stress once again that the right to social pension supplement to only have non-working pensioners, if the total amount of their material welfare does not reach the magnitude of the subsistence level set in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. When calculating the total amount of material welfare pensioner takes into account all types of pensions, monthly cash payments (MONTHLY ALLOWANCES), including the cost of a set of social services, additional material security (DHS) and other measures of social support (payment for telephone, transportation, UTILITY SERVICES, rent due to means of the regional budget), established by the legislation of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in monetary terms.

Let me remind you that the size of the federal social pensions supplements is reviewed annually when you change the values of the subsistence level in the Russian Federation as a whole and in the relevant subject of the Russian Federation. In particular, in the Krasnodar region in 2013 the rate of subsistence level to determine the social pensions supplements set at 5 852 ruble.

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