Employers to provide reporting to RPF.

The FIU in Pavlovsk district informs that no later than March 1, 2018, employers need to provide information on the length of service of insured persons in the form of szv-seniority for 2017god.

This reporting to the Pension Fund shall be submitted to organizations, individual entrepreneurs and individuals who have employees with whom employment contracts or civil-law contracts are concluded, the subject of which is Execution of works, rendering of services, and also author's and license contracts. The information on 25 and more employees is obligatory presented in the form of the electronic document signed by the strengthened qualified electronic signature (in case of violation of the established order there is a fine in the amount of 1000 rubles). Also for the convenience of employers in electronic form can be reported if the organization has less than 25 employees.

Programs for the formation and verification of documents in the form of szv-experience in electronic form are posted on the official website of the pension fund www.pfrf.ru in the section "Employers"-"free programs, forms and protocols."

In addition, we remind you that insured monthly, no later than the 15th of the month following the reporting period, represent each working in their insured person form Szv-M.

Insured, who pay for the insured persons working for them, the additional insurance contributions to the cumulative pension not later than 20 days from the end of the quarter shall present to the FIU the information on the form of the registers Vers-3.

Please note that a fine of 500 rubles for each insured person is stipulated for failure to submit in due time or for submission of incomplete (unreliable) information on all types of disaggregated reporting. In addition, administrative liability is established for officials for violation of the legislation on individual (personified) accounting.

On questions of reporting on forms of Szv-M and szv-seniority to address in cabinet 303 of control of RPF in Pavlovsk district or by phone 5-71-53, on questions of submission of registers Vers-3 it is necessary to address in cabinet 306 or by phone 5-56-88.

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