Reception of documents through MFC

Question: I live in Stanitsa Nezamaevskoj. To the district centre path does not close, and unprofitable us pensioners from pensions to pay for the fare. Now I live a daughter Go into the Pension Fund to transfer your pension to another address. How to be like me?

Answer: in order to provide public services currently has significantly increased interaction between the Pension Fund and the multifunctional Center (MFC).

If September 2014 year to date state service through MFC provided only on parent (family) capital, and this is a maternity certificate (family) capital fund management, parent (family) capital, there are now a number of added services.

Today, there is no need to come to the Pension Fund in order to:

  • Apply for delivery of pensions.

  • Apply for change of account number in a credit institution.

  • Apply for vyplatnogo query (pension) case.

  • To apply for the extradition of citizens of pensions (other payments) by appointment.

  • To apply for the provision of social services, set to waive receipt of a set of social services or about the resumption of the provision of a set of social services.

At the same time, branches of the multifunctional Center opened at Pavlovsk and rural settlements such as Atamanskoe, North, Nezamaevskoe, Upornenskoe, Veselovskoe, Novopetrovskoye, Republic of Bashkortostan, Novoplastunovskoe, Novoleuškovskoe, Srednečelbasskoe, Staroleuškovskoe.

On all those issues you can contact Multifunctional centers on place of residence and to travel in Paulouskaya is not required.

I take this opportunity to remind once again that in the management of the Pension Fund in the same way it is possible to pre-order inquiries. Order inquiries can be made directly in the Control cabinet, 109, and by phone 5/14/43-14-43. In addition, you can get help and order via the Internet on the website of the Pension Fund

In Pavlovskaya multifunctional centre is located at Church. Pavlovskaya str. Gladkova, 11. Admission is carried out in the mode "one window", i.e. all services on registration, certification, order means maternity capital, as well as on the admission of statements are available in the Centre any specialist.

Using MFC, you greatly reduce the time and money to travel.

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