Responses to citizens ' questions related to the implementation of the new federal law on additional insurance premiums and State support for the formation of pension savings

1. What is "funded" part of the co-financing of employment pension?

This joint (cooperative) payment of additional premiums the citizen and the State in equal amount on the savings part of the labour pension.


2. Who can participate in voluntary pension insurance?

To participate in the co-financing of their accumulative part of labour pension can adult citizens of the Russian Federation of all ages, including older men born in 1953 and women over born in 1957 If the citizen is not open an individual account in the RPF, simultaneously with the application for membership in voluntary legal relationship with the Pension Fund for the payment of additional premiums on the savings part of the labour pension, it will have to submit identity card for registration in the system of compulsory pension insurance (OPS) and obtaining insurance certificate.


3. When will join in co-financing?

The program began working with October 1, 2008 year and apply can be on October 1, 2013 onwards, i.e. within 5 years.


4. Where to apply for the voluntary payment of premiums on the savings part of the labour pension?

The application may be filed either at the place of work, while the employer is obliged in the 3-day term to refer it to the territorial body of the RPF at the place of its incorporation, or citizen personally makes an application to the territorial body of the Pension Fund of the place of residence.

The statement can be send by mail, but in this case, the required notarized signature. Application form and instructions for completing it are approved by the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.


5. How much money can I make as a voluntary contribution and how much will add State?

How many pay-resolves itself. The law limits the minimal amount when entering program 2000 rubles a year. Sum of co-financing of the State equal to the annual sum of the citizen, but not more than 12000 rubles a year. I.e. If a citizen pays 12 thousand. rubles per year, the State pays 12000 rubles if the citizen pays 10 thous. rubles, the State pays 10 k. rubles, if a citizen is paying more than 12 thousand. rubles per year, for example, 20 thousand. rubles, the State still pays only 12 thousand. rubles.


6. Whether a citizen's right to terminate, suspend and resume a voluntary legal relationship with the Pension Fund of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION?

The law gives the possibility for a citizen to stop, pause, and resume additional contributions to retirement savings at any time without restriction.


7. What happens with these tools further? How to order?

Supplementary pension savings funds as well as funds funded part of the compulsory pension insurance shall be invested in accordance with the wishes of the future pensioner.

If he chooses a private management company or pension fund, the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation these means passes them. If an application is not submitted, by default, these funds will be transferred to the State management company (Veb).


8. How can I find out how much money accumulated by the insured?

Pension Fund of the Russian Federation annually sends notice to insured persons on the status of individual personal account with information about how much money you have accumulated in their individual account, taking into account the amount of income from investments.


9. Whether to inherit the sum of voluntary pension savings and Government support in the event of the death of a citizen?

Voluntary pension savings funds additional to the policyholder paid the insured's successors in the event of his death in the same manner as that provided for retirement savings in the statutory pension of the insured person. These payouts are successors (wife, husband, parents, children) in that case, if the insured person died to establish the labour pension. If your pension has already been appointed, then moving into the reserve accumulation pension fund.


10. How long the State will support the formation of pension savings?

State co-financing will be implemented over 10 years citizens in legal relationships under the Act during the period from October 1, 2008 year on October 1, 2013 year. By the way, employers can also pay insurance premiums for their employees.


11. Whether for employers of any tax benefits?

The Federal law of April 30, 2008, no. 55-FZ is set an exception from the income tax base for personal income contributions from the federal budget for co-financing pension savings formation, as well as the employer's contributions paid in favor of the employee. The employer provides the following tax incentives: exemption from the unified social tax in the amount of co-financing they produced (not more than 12 thousand. rubles per year), as well as the inclusion of amounts of co-financing in the composition of expenditure included in the taxation of profits.

Thus, the Act aims to increase the level of pension provision for citizens of the Russian Federation by stimulating voluntary payment of additional premiums. In addition, each citizen has the right to make a choice, identifying their opportunities to participate in shaping the future pension.


12. Summarize the personal employee contributions and employer contributions in determining the amount of State support (co-financing)?

No, do not stack. The size of the Government support depends only on the sum of the individual contributions paid by the employee for the year and posted to his individual account and may not exceed 12 thousand. rubles per year.


13. How can order additional pension insured persons removed from the storage system, in favour of which earlier paid premiums to the savings part of the labour pension?

Men-1953, born in 1966 and women 1957-1966, in favour of which paid the premiums on savings part of the labour pension between 2002 to 2004 year, inclusive, is entitled to choose an investment portfolio (the management company) or transfers of pension savings in pension fund. If they were previously transferred to pension savings in a management company or pension fund, without submitting them to his additional contributions will be transferred there.

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