Russian post-generic operator

RUSSIAN POST can act as a global and universal operator providing public services to the population.

The use of Russia's capabilities will greatly accelerate the deployment of network of the multifunctional support centres to public and municipal services in the constituent entities of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION and will provide savings in the budget. And providing electronic access to public services through the Internet access points at post offices in the country to help in the task of creating electronic government. This is the conclusion of the meeting at the Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation on issues of cooperation with Russian post in the provision of public services under the principle of "one window" multi-function centres.

Russian post has extensive experience with a number of government agencies (the federal migration service, the federal tax service, Federal Customs Service of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION Pension Fund, etc.), providing services but receiving, sending and delivery of documents and notices, payments and money transfers. In today's environment of limited budgets at all levels FSUE Russian post with its well-developed branch network, modern technological provision of offices and experience in providing order 80 services to the population is ready to become a reliable and strategic partner of the State in the provision of public services.

The Director-General of the Russian post l. N. Kiselev identified two priorities for the implementation of the project is the reconstruction of post offices and equipping them with modern and high-speed links. "In many parts of the country, post offices now serve as public receptions, and the quality of their work is largely judged on the State of the State," he said.

From the meeting of interested agencies mandated to develop regulatory frameworks and funding mechanisms, and then run a pilot project implementation in several Russian regions.

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