On February 1, the size of the monthly cash payment to the federal beneficiaries will increase and the cost of a set of social services

From February 1, 2, 5% will be indexed monthly cash payment (allowances)-the most massive social payment in Russia. Currently, the territorial offices of RPF in the cities and districts of Krasnodar region pay its more than 530 thousand federal recipients of Kuban, including disabled, veterans of combat, citizens exposed to radiation, heroes Soviet Union and Russia, heroes of Socialist labor and other citizens.

2.5% will be indexed and included in the allowances set of social services (NSOs). Recall: Federal recipients eligible for NSOs may choose to receive social services in kind or in monetary terms. In this case, the legislation provides for replacement of the set of social services with money both completely and partially.

Thus, since February 1, 2018 the cost of a set of social services will be 1 075 rubles. 19 Cop. Per month, including:

  • Provision of necessary medicines – 828 rubles. 14 cop.;

  • Provision of a voucher for sanatorium-and-spa treatment for the prevention of major diseases-128 rubles. 11 CPC.;

  • Free travel on suburban railway transport, as well as on intercity transport to the place of treatment and back-118 rubles. 94 COP.

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