Scammers hiding behind the name of the Ministry of finance

Russia is doing gang of swindlers who offer citizens redress for high drug prices, reported the press service of the Ministry of finance.

The attackers appear to be employees of the Ministry. That a citizen could get compensation, they offer to pay a State fee. If the person refuses, the fraudsters have on him moral pressure, according to a press release of the Ministry: they argue that the money owed to the citizen as compensation will be listed in the State budget, and the case is assigned to the archive, and return the money, and the case would be impossible.

To the citizens did not raise suspicions the attackers show copies of documents with fake details of the Ministry of Finance issued on fake letterhead with an invalid stamp and signed by a nonexistent Deputy Minister of finance to monitor the settlement of damages. They also refer to a fictitious article 11 of federal law of the Russian Federation of 18 g. # 429-FZ "on compensation to victims of unlawful actions of organized groups of persons and non-existent order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation from 29/01/2010 No. 2750-to" compensation ", noted in a press release.

Reluctant citizens are encouraged to obtain further information from the "Chief Inspector claims settlement Division, which reported contact phone numbers … Victims of the scam are mainly pensioners.

The Finance Ministry has appealed to the Prosecutor General's Office to investigate.

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