Scanning rules documents of persons, retirees

Rules of electronic images of documents set out in the Agreement on cooperation and coordination in providing the documents necessary to assign pensions» (hereinafter-the Agreement) section III, subsection 3.1.5, 3.1.6.

To electronic documents, electronic signature certified by the authorized persons, subject to the requirements of the Federal law of 06.04.2013 g. No. 63-FZ "on electronic signature legally equivalent to paper-based documents, certified the appropriate signatures and seal.

INSURERS form electronic images of documents required for a pension, per insured person in a separate batch of documents by indicating its FULL NAME and date of birth and provide UPFR.

Documents are scanned in the expansion of 300 dpi (300 dpi), color image with cropped fields. Documents must be submitted as JPEG files. File name extension must be in lowercase, in Latin (*.jpg). The compression ratio is 60 (90%). Pencil entries in all documents before scanning should be erased!

Document size:

  • Passport-at least 400-650 KB

  • military service is not less than 450 KB

  • SNILS-not less than 175-250 KB

  • work book-not less than 500 KB

  • other documents-not less than 600 KB

    Scanned document must match the format of the original (for example, if the original paper of A4 size, and scanned document must be in A4 format).

The total size of scanned files that are attached to a single message, should not exceed 10 megabytes. The subject of the message shall consist of the letters SP, space, FULL NAME of the insured person. Every document must be scanned separately.

List of transmitted documents:



-identity card

-work book

-documents on education

-for women-marriage certificate, birth certificate for children, children's certificates,

available for information on wages, certificates of preferential character of labour, etc. p.

To each package sent documents should also be accompanied by a document sent to the REGISTRY of the name of the document and the number of sheets and the insured person's CONSENT to the processing of personal data. In the event of dismissal or death of a worker-attached motivated refusal to provide a package of documents scanned.

Each document contained in a package of documents to be signed by electronic signature (EP) of the authorized employee of the policyholder.

Please note that after sending documents electronically, you have to track the receipt of notification of ADMISSION list or NOTICE ERRORS or MISSING documents. Errors must be fixed, and you promptly redirected documents.


For kindergartens

Scanned documents of persons working in kindergartens, can be given also to the FlashDrive in KAB 103. Irina Petrovna by appointment Ph. 3/16/80-16-80.

On scanning documents for pension contact KAB. 103, Tel. 3/16/80-16-80, Irina Petrovna.

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