Students and students of Kuban to work in the summer should be snils

Krasnodar, June 21, 2018. During the summer holidays many young people want to be employed. Voisko students and schoolchildren who are going to work in the summer, must register in the system of compulsory pension insurance.

The confirmation of registration is the insurance Certificate of compulsory pension insurance – a green plastic card, which is issued by the pension fund. The most important element of the certificate is the insurance number of the individual personal account. Abbreviated Snils. It is assigned once and for life.

All data on the insurance premiums accrued and paid by the employer are recorded on the individual personal account, as well as the data on the insurance experience during the whole work activity. These data are then taken into account in the appointment or recalculation of the pension. For students and schoolchildren who work during the summer holidays, employers pay insurance premiums in the same way as for permanent employees. Therefore, the existence of a certificate of compulsory pension insurance is essential.

Snils is also used to identify the user on the Rajapipala portal. Without Snilsa, it is impossible to obtain state and municipal services in electronic form, including those related to the registration of a foreign passport, payment of taxes, receipt of information on the market of employment and employment, sale and purchase of real estate, Registration of motor transport, payment of fines of the traffic police, registration of the future pension, etc.

Children over 14 years of age who have a passport can obtain a snils ("Green card") or if they are under 14 years of age to apply for it together with their parents to the FIU in the municipality of residence or to the Multifunctional Center (MFC).

At present, all territorial departments of RPF in the cities and districts of Krasnodar region are receiving citizens for the purpose of registration of citizens in the system of compulsory pension insurance in real time. In practice, this means that residents of the region can obtain a certificate directly at the reception of the client service specialist in any territorial body of RPF.

It should be noted that in the Krasnodar krai the system of compulsory pension insurance registered almost 6.8 mln. Citizens, more than 1 mln. – Children under 18 years of age.

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