Signed into law on a one-time pension payment in the amount of 5000 rubles

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the Federal law on Russian retirees a lump sum in the amount of 5000 rubles.
Cash payment will be made in January 2017 year citizens residing permanently in the territory of the Russian Federation and are recipients of pensions as of December 31, 2016 onwards. The Pension Fund will make the payment on the basis of the documents contained in the vyplatnom or pension, so contact RPF or apply is not required.
If a pensioner receives two pensions (such as "military retiree), one of which is paid through the pension fund a lump sum will be implemented by the RPF.
Payment shipping will be done in January 2017 onwards. If payment has not been effected within January 2017 onwards (for example, pension and cash payment on the House, but citizen absent), payment will be made re-in the next month.
In 2016, all types of pensions paid by the RPF were indexed at 4%, while insurance pensions indexed from pensioners. Lump sum will help compensate for the increase in consumer prices to pensioners with limited financial budget.

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