Software update checks and nabivalok

The program checks:


1.1.42 from 02.11.2016
-When the form is validated CZV-m on the old format error now.

1.1.41 from 27.10.2016
-Verification Disabled CZV-m in accordance with the new album formats.
-Updated 24.10.2016 Kladr
-Updated directory of NACE
If you install this version, you must remove the firebird version lower than 2.5


Spu_Orb_2_54 from 18.11.2016

Documents PU 6 ( from 03.10.2016)

5.6.9 PD_SPU from 29.07.2016

PsvRSV version of 10.11.2016 2.1.55


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