Article on SCF-2017

Question: At the beginning of each year they say about the increase of pension, but my pension does not increase. I applied to the pension fund, I was told that I have a small pension, an increase in Proizveditsja, but I do not see it, because I pay the money to the subsistence minimum. Is that right?

The basic principle of pension legislation in the Russian Federation is the establishment of pension in accordance with the results of work of each citizen on the basis of his seniority and earnings, and since 01.01.2002 G. -Paid insurance contributions to the FIU for each employee of the enterprise on which he worked. The amount of pension is individual and is calculated for each recipient individually. Accordingly, the more seniority and earnings, and subsequently the insurance premiums, the insured person, the higher the amount of the appointed pension. The specific amount of pension is determined only when the pension is appointed, but it should be borne in mind that the non-working pensioners, whose total amount of material collateral is less than the subsistence level of the pensioner established in the subject of the RF, have The right to a federal social supplement.

In accordance with art. 12.1 of the Law № 178-FZ "On State social assistance", social supplement to pension is established by pension fund on application of pensioner.

I would like to note that this type of surcharge was fixed for non-working pensioners since January 1, 2010. The amount of social supplement for each pensioner is strictly individual.

All pensions are subject to indexation by the government's growth indices. In the event that the financial security of the pensioner, taking into account the indexed size does not reach the value of the subsistence minimum, the difference between the subsistence minimum and the total income of the pensioner is paid in the form of a federal social Additional. The value of the subsistence level in Krasnodar Krai is annually established by the law of Krasnodar territory and since 01.01.2017 year is 8478 rubles.

I would like to emphasize once again that only unemployed pensioners have the right to a social supplement to pension. All types of pensions, monthly cash payments to persons with disabilities (allowances), including the cost of a set of social services, additional material support (DHS) and other measures of social Support (Payment for telephone, travel, utility, rent at the expense of the regional budget), established by the legislation of the subjects of the Russian Federation in monetary terms.

It is necessary to draw the attention of readers to the fact that at the device even for short-term work, including labor contracts, when records of work in the work book are not entered. Recipients of the Federal social supplement must immediately submit documents on the work to the pension fund to suspend the payment of federal social supplement and prevent illegal receipt of funds, To be restored to the current account of the pension fund in full without fail. Unfortunately, recipients of SCF are not always aware of the seriousness of the issue and the recovery of illegally paid sums is done in case of non-voluntary remediation.

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