Study abroad in seniority is not counted?

  1. Question: he studied at the technical school and at the expense of the kolkhoz. Then worked on a specialty. Why, when establishing pension periods of study are not counted in the length.


The law on labor pensions in the Russian Federation "is used three types of experience: insurance, seniority and experience on relevant activities (Special).

Total working experience is regarded as the cumulative duration of labour or other socially useful activity until January 1, 2002 year.

Starting from the year 2002 to establish the labour old age pension insurance periods has value, which is counted as part of the total duration of the periods of work and other activities during which insurance contributions were paid into the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, as well as other periods listed in art. 11 of the Act, a qualifying insurance period, namely:

1) period of military service, as well as other equated to it services, under Russian Federation law "on provision of pensions of persons held in the military service in internal affairs bodies, State fire service authorities to control the trafficking of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, the institutions and bodies of criminally-Executive system, and their families";

2) period of compulsory social insurance benefits during the period of temporary incapacity for work;

3) period of care one parent for each child up to the age of one and a half years, but no more than four and a half years in total;

4) period of receiving unemployment benefits, the period of participation in paid public works and the period of relocation or resettlement in the State employment service in another locality for employment;

5) period of detention of persons wrongfully prosecuted unjustly repressed and later rehabilitated, and these persons while serving their sentences in prisons and exile;

6) period of care exercised by the disabled person for a disabled person in Group I, a disabled child or a person who has reached the age 80 years;

7) stay of spouses of soldiers performing military service under the contract, together with their spouses in areas where they could not work due to lack of employment opportunities, but not more than five years in total;

8) stay abroad spouses of workers sent to the diplomatic missions and consular posts of the Russian Federation, Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the international organizations, trade mission of the Russian Federation in foreign States, the representation of the federal executive authorities, public bodies, with federal executive authorities either as representatives of these bodies abroad, as well as in the representation of the State institutions of the Russian Federation (public authorities and public institutions of the USSR) abroad and international organizations , a list of which is approved by the Government of the Russian Federation, but not more than five years in total.

During the training in higher and secondary vocational school insurance contributions into the Pension Fund of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION is not excluded, and in art. 11 this period is not specified.

Therefore, for the purpose of assessing pension rights (when calculating the old-age retirement pension) on current law, period of training in the insurance period is not counted.

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