The issue of reduced length

Question-I work in a secondary school in the post of Deputy Director for scientific and methodological work. Whether the period of my employment in this position included in the preferential experience in connection with teaching activities?

Reply-according to clause 8 of the rules approved by the RF Government Decree No., 29.10.2002. # 781 in seniority, giving the right to the anticipatory pension, pedagogical employees work undertaken included Deputy Director of education, educational, educational, industrial, industrial, etc. work directly related to the educational (educational) process.

When determining the right of a Deputy Director on scientific and methodological work on early pensions are considered duty regulations of workers employed in the post. In the case of the main provisions of the job description is seen doing work related to the educational process (Organization and guide the educational process, the implementation of systematic control over the quality of educational and educational processes and objective assessment of the results of educational training students, clubs and electives, visiting lessons etc. activities undertaken by the Ped. school employees, monitoring the teaching loads of students, the provision of assistance to groups of students in carrying out cultural, educational and recreational activities, etc. ), Deputy Director for scientific and methodical work may include the length of entitlement to appointment of anticipatory pension in connection with teaching activities.

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