The Pension Fund has launched a service call on the most topical issues of pensions

Krasnodar, March 14, 2014 years. Pension Fund of the Russian Federation has launched the service videokonsul′tirovaniâ on topical pension issues. Now any citizen having a microphone and headphones can online to make a video call to a specialist pension fund to obtain the necessary consultations. If your computer is not equipped with neither microphone nor headphones, a citizen can order reverse phone call, as a result of which he will communicate with a specialist over the phone, while the picture with a specialist consultant will still appear on the computer screen.

In the format of a video call, you can get advice on:

  • participation in the program state co-financing of pensions;

  • getting SNILS;

  • transfer of pension savings in a private management company or SPC;

  • to improper transfer of pension savings in SPC;

  • FIU services electronically and using a system of interagency

electronic interaction;

  • How to get information on the status of individual personal account in connection with cancellation of mailing "chain letters";

  • choice in 2014-2015 years pension option (premium fare (0% or 6%) on the formation of funded pensions);

  • the new pension formula with January 1, 2015 year.

Video call is not the only way to get advice on these issues. The Pension Fund also operates the service online-counselling on the site of the FIU and telephone counseling center toll-free 8 800 510-55-55. Information can also be obtained by calling the territorial oragany RPF (client services).

While the pension fund once again recalls that according to the law "on personal data" RPF specialist will not be able to answer the question that contains personal information (IE. h. Name, year, month, date and place of birth, address, marital, social, property-for example, amounts paid pensions, etc.). Such issues should be addressed in the online admission of FIU FIU customer service or the place of residence.

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