The problem of a single client-all mail problem!

Mail addressed to the Director-General of Russia Alexander Kiseleva received a letter from an ordinary pensioner-subscriber one neutral newspapers, with 47 years of experience, Vladimir Romny.

In his address, the Subscriber complains that already three (!) year requests employees OPS 107,113 Moscow to deliver his favorite newspaper is not "during the day, and as expected coming fresh to the newspapers in the morning.

The leadership of the Moscow post office no. 2 inter-district urgently went into place and held an interview with Romenskiy. The author of the letter explained that the delay in delivery was due to shortfall of postmen in OPS, but now he will receive his newspaper at the time, without delays. Deputy Head of OPS, Irina Dymskaâ, with whom "fought" so long a Subscriber for failure to take adequate measures translated into post postman.

The Chief of OPS 107,113 Tatiana Dedâeva commented on the incident:

-The client has applied to me and writing their claim is not formalized. Of course, this misunderstanding could be resolved at the outset, not allowing such letters. Vladimir Pavlovich, incidentally, in the end, on its own initiative, wrote another letter in which requests take the conflict settled. "The reaction to my statement was prompt and efficient. Post office employees and senior staff post of Russia met with me personally and we quickly found common ground on all issues. Positive solution of my statement suggests that this issue is exhausted. Thanks for the help. -Here's what he wrote. We made conclusions and will never allow the recurrence of such situations.

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