The program state co-financing retirement pension.

Management of the Pension Fund in Pavlovsk area continues to welcome applications from citizens wishing to participate in the co-financing. The essence of the program is to build retirement savings by paying voluntary citizen premiums on the savings part of the future of the labour pension, and the same amount of contributions (co-financing) States, as well as contributions from employers ' organizations (if desired, the employer). As we have informed, if before the end of the year, insured persons are not applied to the management of the Pension Fund, a statement about joining the program and have not made the minimum payment 2000 rub., for this year will be no co-financing of the State.

Responses to citizens ' questions related to the implementation of the new federal law on additional insurance premiums and State support for the formation of pension savings:

Question: How do I join the program?

Answer: join the program can be up to 1 October 2013, personally contacting the Office of the Pension Fund of the place of residence, either through their employer. If you choose to apply in person, for reception of application must submit his/her passport and a certificate of insurance made out by the OPS.

Question: is it possible to interrupt the participation in the program?

Answer: you can suspend payments to cumulative part and resume them at any time. Previously made savings, including funds transferred to the State, will remain on your account is accumulative part of future retirement.

Question: How can I dispose of funds within the programme?

Answer: contributions under the program-and the citizen, and co-financing by the State and the employer is invested, as part of future pension accumulation funds, at the option of the citizen: either a public or a private management company or non-State Pension Fund. If a citizen before wrote a statement of transfer to a management company or SPC funded part of their future retirement, which is formed by compulsory pension insurance, and all money received in the framework of the program of co-financing, also will be the management company or SPC. If the pension savings of the citizen are in the NPF, and investment and pension funds, as well as the appointment and payment of the funded part of the labour pension carries out selected citizen of NPF.

Question: does a State preservation funds within the programme?

Answer: the State strictly controls the activities of organizations that manage funds of pension savings of citizens, part of which is made in the framework of the programme. Their work is regulated by the federal financial markets service. When the list of securities and other instruments that can be invested retirement savings, clearly defined State. This applies both to the State management company and private management companies and pension funds, that is an additional guarantee from the risks associated with investing.

Question: If a Member State co-financing decided to exit it, return it all paid them voluntary insurance contributions?

Answer: to return the paid insurance contributions within the program citizen cannot. Only earmarked funds for voluntary pension insurance is getting a supplement to pensions after treatment of a citizen for appointment of labor retirement pension, including the establishment of a funded part of the pension.

Question: is it possible to inherit the funds listed in the program?

A: the funds accumulated within the program are passed to the assignees in the case of death of the participant of the program until the appointment he funded part of the labour pension. Successors of the deceased Party may be his immediate family (spouse, parents, children). Note that the successors must apply for payment of funds of pension accruals no later than 6 months from the date of death of the insured person. When this amount of inherited pension savings not subject to income tax at the rate of 13%.

Question: can an employer refuse to citizen in the money from his wages at the program state co-financing?

Answer: according to the law, an employer has no right to deny a worker in the funds in the program state co-financing of pensions. However, an independent listing of insurance contributions is a very simple procedure. You can pay through any bank.

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