The right to early retirement-painters, Plasterers

 The right to apply early retirement pension enjoyed by painters, constantly engaged in work involving the use of harmful substances not lower risk class 3 (list no. 2 productions, jobs, professions and positions, approved. The Cabinet of Ministers of the USSR from 26.01.1991 g. No. 10).

Sometimes painters combine work plasterer. House Painters, like all other workers, early old-age pension shall be appointed, if they are in full-time work employed eligible for that pension, i.e. works with the use of harmful substances would be undesirable not 3 classes of risk.

Under full working day refers to the execution of works in certain conditions of labour not less than 80% of the time, with the inclusion of the auxiliary and preparatory work.

With regard to the Plasterers, they become eligible for early appointment of labor retirement pension list no. 2, provided that they are employed in underground work for the construction and repair of subways, underground structures.

Combining professions painter and plasterer (outside of underground usloviij) labour old age pension assigned early only if the work of a painter with harmful substances do not lower risk class 3 is not less than 80% of the time, that should be documented.

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