Think about your future retirement

Usually we prefer generally not to remember about pensions, because now we are young and healthy, we do not ask what the monthly amount allocated to us "old" employer and especially do not want to spend additional money on this until a distant retirement. But is accidentally come into contact with the realities of the life of a lonely old man, we understand how everyone could be our own old age. Not the best picture?

Today a decent level of human life in old age — is the subject of the joint care of the State and the individual throughout his active life. Throughout your employment employer pays for you the premiums in the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation on your future employment pension. The insurance part of the pension depends on salary, length of service and the amount of premiums that are listed by an employer. The size of the accumulative part depends not so much on salaries and the amount of the contributions payable by the employer, but on your effective management.

The fact of the matter is that this part of the tools not just accumulate on your individual personal account and invested in various financial instruments, and can generate income, thereby increasing the size of your future retirement.

Cumulative part is formed by:

working citizens, born in 1967 and younger

men born in 1953-1966 And women 1957-born in 1966 formed in the period from 2002 to 2004 Gg. Increase their cumulative part can only take place at the expense of investment income, voluntary contributions and contributions by the State within the framework of participation in the program of co-financing

all citizens — co-financing programme participants

Each person, starting with the 14-year-olds can join the Program State co-financing, which will increase the size of the future retirement through their contributions and contributions from the State. To do this, you need to apply to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation personally by contacting the Office of RPF in Pavlovsk area, either through their employer. To join the program and make the first installment can be up to October 1, 2013 year. State co-finances accumulative part of labour pension within 10 years from the date of the first installment. If within a calendar year you make a voluntary contribution to the savings portion of their future retirement from 2000 to 12000 rubles, State doubles the money and your individual account is transferred the same amount. To contribute through the employer either directly form the payment receipt with the details you can get in the management of the RPF in Pavlovsk area.

Co-financing program benefits:

100% increase your funds: your every ruble will double

a party can become everyone, regardless of whether he had previously formed accumulative pension

the size, frequency and duration of contributions, participation in the program you define yourself

Every year up to 31 December you can choose whom to entrust the management of the funded part of pensions and formalized his decision. Written statement about this you can apply to the FIU Management personally or sent by mail. In the case of mail identification and authentication of the signature of the citizen is effected by the notary.

In his statement, citizens must indicate the selected management company (investment portfolio) or pension fund. In Russia operates 52 company managers (uk) and 116 of NPF.

In case of transition of the RPF in the NPF or NPF to another NPF, apart from the statement, you must enclose the selected SPC a contract on obligatory pension insurance. List of CC and SPC, application forms and fill them with samples posted on the website of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation

For persons not benefiting from the right to choose the CC or NPF, the Pension Fund of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION concluded the fiduciary management agreement with State pension funds management company — Vnesheconombank. If you have never applied to the territorial administration of the FIU on the choice of the CRIMINAL CODE or the SPC, your retirement savings are in the expanded investment portfolio CC Vnesheconombank

Calculate what you will eventually increase to pensions:

For example, consider your donation to 12000 rubles. in the year. For 10 years of participation in the program if such amounts at the individual "retirement accounts to the FIU (or SPC if accumulative part of your pension is formed in the NPF) fixed 120,000 USD. A similar amount comes from the budget as co-financing by the State.

120,000 + = 240,000 120,000 USD.

If retirement you arrange these bankroll as immediate pension payments for 10 years, your monthly allowance will be

240,000 rubles. /120 months = 2000 rub.

If you do not place an immediate pension payment, and intend to receive part of the pension accumulation funds generated under co-financing programme indefinitely, i.e. life calculation of allowances will be made as follows:

240,000 rubles. /216 months = 1111 USD

In 2012 the year the expected period of payment of the pension shall be 18 years (216 months)

And this is the minimum calculation that does not take into account the income from the investment of funds of the funded portion of the pension. In addition, the citizen is not limited, and it can be more than 12000 USD. in the year.

Federal Act of 30 November 2011 No. 360-FZ «on order of financing of payments at the expense of the funds of pension accruals "defines several types of receiving funds of pension accruals citizens according to the law, the right to receive part of the pension accumulation.

Those citizens whose cumulative part will be 5 per cent or less in relation to the size of old-age pensions, will receive their pensions in a lump sum.

Urgent pension payment includes only the amount of the contributions of the citizen and the State, paid under the programme of State co-financing, and means the parent (family) capital if they were aimed at the formation of the funded portion of the pension. The duration of such payments defines himself a citizen, but it may not be less than 10 years.

Pension citizen can receive indefinitely, as part of a funded old-age pensions.

Funds of pension Accruals are inherited by succession in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation from 03.11.2007 g. No. 741 and paid to successors in title if the insured's death occurred before assigning it to the accumulative part of labour pension. However, if a citizen at the time of appointment he funded part of pensions pension payments urgently chose what in the event of his death, the unpaid balance of his beneficiaries are entitled to receive. While the amount of pension savings paid to the heirs of the relatives of the deceased insured person is not taxed on the income of natural persons.

In 2011 year were paid pension savings funds in the amount pravopereemnikam 564.9 92 thousand. rub, for 7 months of the year 2012 payment made to the sum of the successors 223.4 94th. rub.

Detailed information about the program state co-financing of pensions can be obtained on the websites and

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