Update «CheckXMLInst» — 16.05.2016, version

Version from 16.05.2016.

The main changes:
1) Implemented new document validation: "Document to calculate the RSV-2 from 2015 onwards" generated for download in PTC SPU for inclusion in HUD PLN individual information individual entrepreneurs, heads and members of peasant farms.
2) For document "Information to calculate from the year 2014" added: "when completing the sign of IP, the year must be less than 2015)
3) for documents-6 LS-1 (2), 6-4 LS-specifying block Staževyj period for category c/l am.
4) Updated Handbook addresses KLADR (as at 16.05.2016).

Download the version from 16.05.2016

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