Update DD SPU 2010 version 5.6.5 from 29.04.2016

What's new in version 5.6.5 from 29.04.2016

-Added the ability to print and discharge in an XML form file CZV-m with an empty list of insured persons.
To install the program, download the attached file on your computer. Unzip the downloaded file and run the installation file PD_SPU_2010_xxx. .EXE (where XXX is the version number)

A list of the files contained in the archive:
1. PD_SPU_2010_xxx. Exe (Installer program)

2. History.txt (entire history)

3. Пользователя.pdf Guide (user guide)

4. Guide администратора.pdf (Administrator's Guide)

Download the archive with the program pd_spu_2010_565.zip

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