Update «Spu_orb» — version 2.47 of 22.07.2016 g

Version 2.47 from 22.07.2016.
[+] Enter. A petition about pension granting. Implemented input, printing and storage of dossiers for pensions (statement of pension, retirement, delivery statement of consent to the processing of personal data). Unload statements will be implemented at a later date upon receipt formats for statements about pension granting.
[*] The main form of the program. Fixed bug when entering a program to a user role "HR and Accounting Officer.
[*] Unloading CZV-M. List of ZL is now displayed in alphabetical order, and in the XML file. When writing multiple packs in XML files name recorded file is displayed only the first bundle.
[*] Details of the company. Added to the head of the personnel department officials.
[*] Print blank forms. Added documents: a petition about pension granting, statement of delivery of pensions, consent to the processing of personal data.
[*] Backing up and restoring. When you restore the information base is not all the databases will be indexed automatically.
[*] Replaced by the categorizer on KLADR from 18.07.2016 g.


Download the "Spu_orb" version 2.47 of 22.07.2016 g

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