Proactive work

I retire in July, 2018. When I was young, I worked in the north. I would like the pension to be appointed from the salary for those periods, but I do not know how to do it.

Appointment and payment of pension is made by the Pension fund management on the basis of the relevant application and documents submitted by the applicant confirming his/her seniority and salary.

In order to expedite the process of assigning a pension, as well as assist in the preparation of the necessary documents in our office is conducted early work with persons whose right to retire in the next half of the year, including with citizens, the right to Pensions which arises and previously established by the legislation term in connection with work with difficult working conditions. As a rule, citizens are invited to conduct such work 6 months before the right to retire. We get a lot of help in this matter from the enterprises where the future pensioners work. In this case, all the necessary documents via electronic communication channels are sent by the employers. In the course of the advance work, the management specialists assist the applicants in claiming the missing documents. To do this, the applicant must submit an application stating the information to be claimed, as well as the address of the organization where the requests should be sent. The mentioned work with leaving for retirement is carried out in cabinet 103. Here you can get the necessary consultations on the period of work, which gives the right to early appointment of pension.

I would like to take this opportunity to appeal to the residents of the district. By the management we try to identify as many citizens as possible, the right to retire in the next year for pre-emptive work, but for various reasons it is not possible to identify all. The migration of citizens within and outside the region is also affected. It is particularly difficult to identify those citizens whose work has been under difficult conditions and who are applying for a preferential pension. Therefore, I appeal to the countrymen-if you have six months to retire, and you have not received an invitation to the Pension fund, please contact them yourself. For convenience of citizens and reduction of waiting time in queues in management the preliminary appointment is entered. Therefore, you can first make an appointment and not necessarily personally, it can be done by phone 3 -16-80 and at the appointed time to submit all the necessary documents

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