In August, the FIU makes an adjustment of pensioners ' insurance

In August 2018, 4000 thousands of pensioners of the Pavlovsky district who worked in 2017 will begin to receive an insurance pension in an increased amount. Increase of pension is caused by the pension fund of Russia annual Bezzajavitelnoj adjustment of insurance pensions of working pensioners.

The Bezzajavitelnyj recalculation of the insurance pension is entitled to the recipients of old-age and disability insurance pensions, for which their employers paid insurance premiums in 2017.

In contrast to the traditional indexation of insurance pensions, when their size increases by a certain percentage, the increase in pension from adjustment is strictly individual: its size depends on the salary level of a working pensioner in 2017 Amount paid by the employer for the insurance premiums and accrued pension points.

The maximum increase of the adjustment is limited to three retirement points in the money equivalent *, that is, can not be more than 244 rubles 47 kopecks (from 2018 the cost of pension score is 81 rubles 49 kopecks.).

* Article 18 of the Federal law of 28.12.2013 № 400-FZ "on insurance pensions".

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