Valorization of pensions

Valorization of pensions is raising pension rights which were acquired prior to the nationals January 1, 2002 year. With this valorization touches not only existing pensioners, but also citizens with work experience-to the year 2002 and has not yet reached the retirement age. Thus, valorization is returning the pension debt of people who worked in the Soviet era.

      During the valorization of the amount, as of January 1, 2002 the insurance part of your retirement account will be indexed at 10%, and another 1% for each year of service up to the year 1991. For example, if citizens worked 20 years up to 1991 years and continue to work, the overall indexing of this amount will be 30%.

      For each citizen to increase pension rights will be done individually depending on seniority. Pension rights of citizens until January 1, 2002 year are reflected in the amount of the insurance part of the labour pension, so pensioners increase would be only insurance employment pension čist′.

      Valorization is an important measure aimed at improving the standard of living of pensioners. Parallel to it will be made all scheduled for 2010 year of raising pensions. As a whole in 2010 year, according to preliminary Government estimates, pension will increase by 45.9%.

      Valorization is bezzaâvitel′nyj in nature. Recalculation of pensions will be carried out by the RPF in automatic mode, taking into account all available in the pension case documents.

      The personal presence of the citizen need only if it expresses a desire to include in the pension case extra years labour Soviet experience previously unrecorded.

      January 1, 2010 year with RPF in Pavlovsk area will carry out payment of pensions is already taking into account the revaluation of pension rights of citizens.

      Valorization will be fully financed by the federal budget. The total amount to be spent on reassessment of pension rights in the year 2010 will amount to 500 billion. roubles in 2010 year.


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