Attention insured!

Manage FIU in Pavlovsk area recalls the need for the provision of lists of individuals, retirees in 2013-2014 timeframe.
Admission is carried out by the evaluation team of the pension rights of insured persons, KAB. 308 (t. 11/3/51-11-51) on schedule (see. Annex No. 1). 1. Lists of retirement in 2013 g. and in 2014 g. (separately) in electronic form (on USB Flash Media) and printed from a file signed by a Manager and a certified stamp Organizer (file Blanca is located on the Web page of the Office according to the FIU Krasnodar region «»)
2. On all persons, the outgoing retire in 2013-14 Gg. -quality photocopies of your Passport, insurance ne VA, employment record (write, pencil, erase), military record, diplomas, certificates (if any), statement on the HUD statement request (see. Appendix No. 2). Certify photocopies of these documents is not necessary. Documents for each person to attach a file.
If persons, retirees no — submit a certificate signed and stamped the head.
If the package with the copies of documents to insured persons, uh. retire in 2013 combo, was granted last year, then again not to make photocopies of documents (prepare only list for 2013).

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