Question: There are a lot of disputes to increase the pensions of the villagers. I Want to know exactly who is supposed this increase and in what size it will be produced?

Really Part 14 of article 17 of the Federal Of the law of 27.12.2013 of the Year "On № 400-FZ to persons who have worked Not less than 30 calendar years in rural The economy that does not work and (or) Other activity, during the period of Which they are subject to mandatory Pension insurance is established Increase in fixed payments to The old-age insurance pension and the insurance Disability pension in the amount of 25 Percent of the amount established Fixed payment to the corresponding Insurance pension for the whole period of their Living in rural areas, which is Will amount to 1333 rubles, except for the recipients Disability Insurance Pension 3 Groups, whose increase will amount to 666 rub…

When Hiring Or the departure of such citizens to a new place Residence beyond the countryside Increase in fixed payments to The old-age insurance pension and the insurance Disability pension is not established.

Increase is established from January 1 2019 year in addition to indexing Insurance pension

Specifically Address the The Pension fund is not required. At the same time, If the citizen for some reason does not Get a "rural" raise, but believes That has the right to it, and bring for This corresponding confirming Specified fact documents within 2019 Year, the recalculation will be made with 1 January 2019 year.

In the In case the pensioner Recalculation after 31 December 2019 year, The specified recalculation will be carried out From the 1st day of the month following the month Which adopted the statement of the pensioner about calculating the size of the insurance Pension on the base.

Lists of works, productions, professions, Positions, specialties, According to which will be Size increase Fixed payment to the insurance Pensions, approved by the Government Russian Federation (Resolution Government of the Russian Federation from November 29, 2018 № 1440).

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