Question: In All mass media it was spoken about increase of pension from January, 2018 for 10000 rubles. What's the real deal?

Since January 1, 2019 Insurance pensions for non-working pensioners will be indexed by 7.05%. If you take the average insurance pension for old age in the country 14 414 rubles, the increase will be just a little more than 1 thousand. rub. If the pension is less than the average, then the increase will be less. If more, indexing will also be more than a thousand. For each pensioner the size of indexing is individual. If a person wants to know exactly what his promotion is, he must multiply the amount of his insurance pension by the coefficient of 7.05. Thus it is necessary to understand that those not working recipients of the pension, which is paid by the Federal social supplement to a subsistence minimum should increase not the sum of the income 8537 rubles, and only the insurance pension. I Cite the table of approximate pension increase from 1 January 2019 year

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