The payment of "grey" salary guarantees the receipt of low pension.

The problem of payment of "grey" salaries today is one of the most actual. Individual employers, using administrative resources and legal illiteracy of employees, prefer to officially lower the taxable base to reduce the amount of paid taxes and compulsory insurance contributions to the extrabudgetary Funds. and citizens themselves in the pursuit of earnings often close their eyes to the fact that they officially have in the documents the amount of wages is much less than actually, and sometimes at all when hiring they do not formalize an employment contract.

Meanwhile, by agreeing to a "grey" salary, the employee deprives himself of important social guarantees.

It is necessary to know that the pension capital is formed only on the basis of official income, and the salary "in the envelope" is not taken into account when assigning a pension. Accordingly, the more insurance premiums, which are transferred by the employer based on the amount of official earnings, accumulated on the individual personal account of the employee, the higher will be his future pension.

In addition, the receipt of "grey" wages is fraught with such negative consequences as not fully paid sick-list, underfunded social or property tax deduction, uncredited, as banks approve credit The line on the basis of legal, not virtual income.

Negative consequences of the payment of "gray" wages can affect not only the employee, but also the employer. In case of underpayment of insurance premiums on unpaid sums, penalties are imposed, as well as the body of control over payment of insurance premiums shall be subject to penalties in accordance with the current legislation. Also, this fact is a serious violation of labor legislation, which can threaten criminal or administrative punishment. Even more severe consequences involve work without formal labour relations. In this case, employers do not register their employees and do not make contributions to compulsory pension insurance.

Thus, if a person receives a salary in the "envelope", he punishes himself first of all, since the amount received by the employee is not officially paid to the pension fund.

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